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Decking for a New Home


A new home is not complete without a comfortable deck. Decks come in all sizes and shapes. It can be a small cantilevered deck off an upstairs master bedroom or a large spacious deck off the living or dining room.

Most new decks today are built with wolmanized pressure treated lumber. Pressure treated wood is long lasting and resists the weather. The drawback to pressure treated wood is that it tends to shrink and split. To reduce splitting, it is advised to drill a pilot hole about three quarters the diameter of the nail. It is also recommended that you use nails that are hot-dipped zinc-coated that do not rust and leave streaks.

For many home builders the decking material of choice is Western Red Cedar. Cedar is one of the only woods with its own preservative oils which protect against decay and insect attack. Western Red Cedar has an elegance that compliments any architectural style and a beauty that blends into any landscape.

Whether you’re building a deck with western red cedar or pressure treated yellow pine it is advisable that the deck be hand nailed. Many contractors use nail guns, which is great for framing a home, but not for finished outside trim and decking. For best results hand nail your decks.

Most decks look attractive when first installed but the true measure of quality decking is how long its retains its appeal. It is advised to put a wood preservative on your deck each spring. That way your decks will always look great!

When you’re ready to build your new home and deck call Mountain View Homes of Greentown. They will build your dream home with quality and taste.

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