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Excavating a New Home


One of the most important aspects of building a new home is how a property is excavated. Excavation contractors can put you on the road to success or the road to disaster.

The critical elements of excavating a property correctly is digging the foundation to the correct depth and insuring the property has proper drainage.

Before excavating a property the buyer and builder must meet at the job site and flag all trees to be taken down for the new home. A survey of the property must be done to insure all building setbacks and township regulations are met. The home should be placed on the property in an area that is esthetically pleasing, but also in an area where there is easy access and proper drainage.

After the trees are removed and the lot cleared the foundation is ready to be dug. It is at this point that the foundation must be dug to a proper depth. If the foundation is dug too deep, drainage problems could develop. If the foundation is not dug deep enough, the home could be elevated out of the ground too high.

The excavator must take more than normal precautions to insure proper drainage by installing crushed stone inside the foundation footer and installation of drain tile around the entire perimeter of the building. When backfilling the foundation it is imperative that ground fill is sloped so that all water runs away from the building. This will help insure a dry basement.

The excavator is also responsible for installing the septic system, a crushed stone or bluestone driveway, water and sewer hookup, underground utilities, telephone and cable.

The excavator plays a critical role in the building of a new home.

For more information about excavation and building a new home in the Pocono Mountains call Coulby Dunn at Mountain View Homes in Greentown.