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Floor Covering

There are four basic types of floor covering - carpeting, hardwood floors, linoleum and ceramic tile. Most homes have carpeting in all rooms except in the bathrooms and kitchen, where linoleum is most popular. Hardwood floors and ceramic tile are traditionally more expensive than both carpeting and linoleum.

Most building contractors have an allowance of $15.00 to $25.00 per square yard for the floor covering in a new home. Many floor covering outlets have switched from square yardage to square footage to determine costs. For example, $25.00 per square yard is equivalent to $2.77 a square foot.

Hardwood Floors come in a wide array of colors, styles and woods. The cost of hardwood floors start about $6.00 per square foot installed up to $12.00 per square foot installed. Costs are almost three times that of carpet. This is why hardwood is considered an option.

Like hardwood flooring, ceramic tile comes in a wide selection of colors and styles. Tile also has a wide selection of sizes and shapes. Tile is used on floors, walls and countertops. Costs range from $4.00 a square foot to $8.00 a square foot installed.

Linoleum products are used mostly in the kitchen and baths. Pricing is consistent with carpeting costs.

With all the above mentioned products, the most important element to consider is not only the quality of the product, but also the quality of the installation. To insure any warranty all floor covering must be installed by professionals. Small mistakes can cost thousands of dollars. Be sure the professionals at Mountain View Homes build your new home and install your carpet, linoleum, hardwood and ceramic tile. After all, only the best will do for your new dream home!

Below are some of the websites of the better known floor covering experts.

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