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Heating/Air Conditioning


Selecting a new heating or air conditioning system for your new home is a decision you make only a few times in a lifetime. At Mountain View Homes we want you to be aware of all the systems available to new home buyers. Often times, customers are not aware of the different types of heating and cooling systems on the market.

In the Pocono Mountains the most economical heating system to install is the electric baseboard system with individual thermostats in every room. While electric baseboard is the most economical system to install it is not the most economical to operate. For heating and cooling with electric the heat pump systems are very popular.

Oil and propane are also extensively used throughout the Pocono region. Sometimes a combination of systems are used. For example, you may choose to install a electric heat pump system, but also include a few propane heating elements or a propane fireplace.

In addition to using oil, electric or propane, most new home buyers want a fireplace or woodburning stove. Pellet stoves are also becoming popular.

Before determining what type of heating and air conditioning system to use in your new home let the experts at Mountain View Homes do an evaluation for you based on needs, finances and other factors.

Below are some of the websites of the better known national corporations with quality heating and cooling products.

Carrier Corporation

Trane Corporation

York Corporation