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Interior Doors & Molding


Interior Doors and Moulding can dramatically change the appearance of any new home. Decorative mouldings and doors create style and value. They can be stained or painted and can provide a contemporary or traditional look.

Standard casing and moulding can be colonial or clamshell, colonial moulding being grooved and clamshell being flush. Casing is put around all doors and windows while base moulding is put around the perimeter of each room along the base of each wall.

Interior doors can be solid core or hollow core. Solid doors usually being ponderosa pine or oak, hollow core being luan or birch.

Cornice Mouldings add a special touch to any home. Choose from Chippendale, Queen Anne, Traditional, Art Nouveau, Federal, Windsor or Delft.

Tongue and Groove wood, sheetrock and paneling are the most popular interior wall coverings. Many Pocono homes use a combination of paint and wood. Tongue and Groove wood is the most popular - pine and cedar being the most readily available.

When choosing Mountain View Homes to build your dream home you can be certain the interior of the home will be completed with quality materials and the best in workmanship.

Below are some of the websites of the better known companies that make moulding and doors.

White River Woodworks

Architectural Products by Outwater

Ferche Millwork, Inc