Before building your new dream home you must first purchase your dream property. There are a number of questions you need to ask yourself or you could check out real estate websites.

First of all, how much property do you need? If you want 2 acres or more, the land you purchase will probably have no water and no sewer. Therefore, you must drill a well and install a septic system. This will cost approximately $20,000 plus the purchase price of the property.

If you are looking to purchase a building lot in a community consider this. Do you want a high profile community with central water, central sewer, indoor and outdoor pools, tennis courts, sandy beaches, lakerights, boat slips and so forth? These type of communities offer the most amenities, but also have the highest association dues.

Another type of community to consider is a smaller, low profile community with limited amenities, where you may only have a beach for swimming or other limited facilities. Dues for a community like this will cost less than a community with more amenities.

Select a property close to shopping, convenient to schools and with easy access. Choose a property with good drainage and make sure the property is approved for a septic system.

When making a purchase as important as this, always choose a qualified REALTOR to help you. A REALTOR knows where the best properties are located, knows all the communities, the schools, where to get the best financing and so much more. The professionals at Mountain View Realty in Greentown are the best in the region. They know the best properties at the best prices, including lakefronts, lakeviews, lakerights and country properties.