Many of the lakefront homes built on Lake Wallenpaupack were built in the late 1940’s and 1950’s. Most of these homes were built for summer use only without insulation and heating systems. The homes were built on substandard piers and had inadequate plumbing and electrical work. The homes were built on prime lakefront parcels and today many of these homes are still standing. Therein lies the problem. – the lakefront parcel valued at $500,000 and the house valued at $40,000.

Everyone wants to be close to the lake – lakefront or lakeview. Naturally, these were the first areas developed on the lake and consequently have the oldest homes. Our company, Mountain View Homes, demolishes these “teardowns” to custom build modern new homes, often designed with the help of our buyers. Many buyers like to live in a home of their own design. It is an expression of who they are and how they live.

Many teardowns pose significant challenges. Township ordinances, building setback requirements and other obstacles take time to work through the system, but the payoff is worth it. Even the next door neighbors of a teardown are challenging. They are concerned about their own home, and the impact of a new home next door. However, they ultimately see that a new home in the neighborhood just increases the value of their own home.

The actual teardown process itself is quick and easy. We can tear a house down in less than a day and have the entire structure hauled away and have the lot scraped clean within 24 hours. The cost of tearing down a structure is usually between $15,000 to $20,000 and it includes the cost of hauling the debris to an approved landfill site.

The challenge at Mountain View Homes is to provide high quality housing for our customers and our community. Most importantly, it is our goal to help make dreams come true!